First Time Login Instructions For Non-Gmail Users

 The following instructions are for members of the Crusader Composite Squadron to gain access to the members pages of the site.  Gmail address users do not need to follow these instructions.  

Be sure when going through these steps, that you are using the email address provided to Civil Air Patrol.  The CAP records are where email addresses are taken from for log-in purposes to this website.

Step 1: Click: Member Login 

Step 2: Click: Create Account

Step 3: Click: I prefer to use my current address
    Note: When filling out the information for google, we suggest using your current password for that         email address for simplicity of remembering your log-in.

Step 4: After filling out all required information, 
        click the Verify Now button.

Step 5: Once your email address is verified, Continue to Google                     Sites
Note: This should take you to the Squadron google page 

The Squadron Announcements page will be the first page seen after logging in.

Note:  If you see the below page, check the email address used.  The address is not on file with permissions to view the member pages.  

Questions or Issues can be directed to: